Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Travis Hunt


hottie award valentinesA week previous to Valentines Day my girlfriend had her awards ceremony for her final year of high school which is customary here in Australia where I live. I wondered and asked her if she would get an award and what award that might be. She quickly replied that “she would never get an award”.

Anytime the award ceremony was discussed and anyone asked her this question, she would adamantly declare that she had no chance at any of the awards… so I decided to give her my own award.

On Valentines Day she went to school all day, and while she was gone I organised with her parents to fill her room with balloons and flowers, and, her “award”. The week previous I had organised with the local trophy shop to have a trophy custom made with the inscription “Kyrie Stokes – Biggest Hottie Award” and an angel on the top of it.

Needless to say when she got home she was really surprised and elated with the thought. But it didnt stop there. I went to pick her up for dinner, and on the way to dinner I had organised to “have to make emergency stops” along the way. A gas station, the video store, and a fast food joint.

At each location I had arranged for the employee, when he/she saw us to say, “hey, you’re Kyrie Stokes! Congratulations on winning the Biggest Hottie Award!” And when we got to where we were having dinner, I had arranged for the waiter/waitress to come out with a small cake and written in frosting on a silver platter was “Congratulations Kyrie, Biggest Hottie Award”.