Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Claire Morris Clark


single lady valentines ideasI have three girlfriends (“K,” “L,” and “E”) from different walks of my life who, despite being beautiful, talented, Godly women are still waiting for their Prince Charming.

All three of them have younger siblings who are married and are one of the last girls in their close group of friends to tie the knot.  These girls all have a lot going for them, and because they are confident in who they are, most of the time they are comfortable with still being single.  However, there are occasional moments where it gets a little tough– holidays with all their siblings and spouses, the wedding of their last pal who was still single and Valentines Day.

So, this year, I wanted to make sure they were remembered on Valentines Day too.  I’ve made up a care package for each one with all sorts of gifts for pampering, lots of chocolate, and even a stuffed frog to kiss!

The one other thing I am including is the “personals ad” I would write for each one of them.  In this “ad” (that only they will get– I’m not trying to set anyone up here), I mention the qualities that make each one of them exceptional– L’s ability to listen, E’s heart for serving others, K’s radiant smile, K’s solid and wise advice, E’s wild and crazy passion for life that makes her so fun to be around, L’s caring nature towards others, etc.

I have pondered over each individual characteristic that makes each woman so special to me, and I am sharing every one with her.  I think each one will appreciate being remembered on this day traditionally for couples and reminded that they possess so many amazing qualities that will some day make “Mr. Right” wild!

PS:  I don’t plan to neglect my hubby on this special day… I’ve got something in the works for him too!