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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Misty Snodgrass

My husband and I have a very hectic life.  We both work full time and we have 2 small children, so time alone is very hard to come by and so is money to celebrate any holiday.  Well, this valentines, he arranged for my parents to watch the kids for a few hours and he had me to leave the house so he could do some things. 

When I got back home, he had ordered in dinner and had it set out on fancy plates with candles on the table and rose petals sprinkled around.  After having a nice quiet dinner, he then turned on the CD player and played a CD that he had made just for this special occasion, and asked me to dance with him (and we have never danced with each other before) and he escorted me to the living room where he had laid out a blanket, a pillow, and hundreds more rose petals. 

Then the song Keeper of the Stars, by Tracy Byrd, came on and we danced.  As I looked up I noticed that he had put glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling.  After that song went off, we laid down on the blanket he had laid out for us and he said “Since it was too cold for us to go outside and look at the stars, he brought the stars to me.” 

Then he said “Look, there is my favorite constellation”, and he pointed to the ceiling where he had written I love you in stars on the ceiling.  Then he ran me a hot bath with a relaxing bath ball in it and lit up the bathroom in candles and let me take a nice relaxing bath alone in the peace and quiet.  It was the most romantic valentines I have ever had and the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.