Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Gillian Caine


valentines hearts sick womanHaving just had IV sedation the day before Valentines Day I was not very well but I had planned ahead as I wanted my husband to have a lovely day.

My husband is out of work at the moment and money is very very tight so we had a very small budget about the equivalent of $4 .

Our local charity shop/thrift store was having a clearout of their books, you could get 5 books for £1 (British pound). I got 10 books. I placed them in secret places around the house with a little love heart shaped chocolate and wrote some clues to lead him to them. His 1st clue was in a valentines card (homemade).

He really loved it and had such good fun looking for the treats. I should add that my husband LOVES books and thats why 10 books was a delight to him! The were mostly non-fiction books that I had chosen carefully to his interests and humour.

My wonderful husband had also planned ahead and realized that due to being ill I would not be able to get up and about on valentines day so he had used his amazing gift with words to write me a story which was about all my favourite things and had lots of humourous references to things that had happened in our lives.

It was magical BUT it didn’t end there, knowing that reading when you are sick is quite unpleasant he had used a microphone to record it onto the computer then put it on a CD so I could listen to the story in bed. He had really got into it and read the story with such passion and excitement, very dramatic, it lasted 15 minutes and I loved every second of it.Ii will cherish it forever. Despite being so ill it was the best, most romantic valentines ever!