Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Kim Bravo


golden gate bridge valentinesI love the Golden Gate Bridge, and have for years. I had a couple of pictures of the bridge and never found the time to frame them.

When I came home on Valentines Day my gift was there waiting for me.  The first thing I opened was a homemade coupon book.  The book was divided into categories of Entertainment, Outings, Dining, Services, etc.

On the Outings category it was different coupons for things to do in our Area (living in the Bay Area there are many things to do, museums, hiking, art exhibits, etc)  As I flipped through each page my heart was getting fuller and fuller.  My spouse had taken so much time and effort in creating such a beautiful book and adding little touches that made me laugh, like certain coupons not being valid if I was in the dog house. 

After I read through each one I felt like the luckiest and richest woman in the world. So much love and energy went into this creation and I was overwhelmed. But I wasn’t done. My next gift was two frames with my prints of the Golden Gate Bridge and one final coupon attached to one of the prints. It said “You didn’t think I’d forget this one did you?  This coupon entitles you to a walk hand in hand with your true love across the Golden Gate Bridge”

I was moved to tears to be loved that much.  Every time I walk down the hallway and see my pictures of the bridge hanging I am reminded of that wonderful Valentines Day.