Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Jodi Dobson


back massage valentine ideasThis year my husband and I had absolutely no money.  Not even for one single rose.  I decided that since he spends 365 days taking care of me that this year Valentine’s Day would be about him. While he was at work I made a huge homemade card, and little tags to put everywhere. On the door I had cut the front of an old VDay card off and taped it with a message on the back that read “Inside you will find a Vday Extravaganza, there are four gifts you must find. Good luck!” On the kitchen table there were wineglasses, table setting for two, candles, my card, and a tag that read gift #1. Inside the tag read what we were having for dinner.

On the bathroom door hung a tag that read “Enjoy a nice, luxurious bubble bath.” Inside there were candles and bubble bath.

On the bedroom door hung a tag that read “Enjoy a relaxing back rub”

Inside the bedroom I was sitting on our bed all dressed up with the fourth tag and massage oil.

I put in a romantic CD that I had burned just for the occasion, and the whole night was perfect!