Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Arae Wyatt


book of valentines day loveLast year I undertook a project to put together a Christmas present for my hubby. I got carried away and I didn’t finish it til the day OF Valentine’s!  He is more sentimental than I and he loves receiving home made gifts. One day he made the comment that he wanted to know more about me; that he felt like I always just seem to go along with his ideas for fun, dates, movies, etc. So I made a “Book of Love”.

It started with a list at the beginning of all our favorite things. I got a questionnaire out of an“relationship improvement” book and we spent all night one night talking about each others preferences for everything from movies to candy bars, to cars and songs. I wrote down each of them for a quick reference. All we have to do is look at the list when we want to do something special for the other and there is at least 25 favorites right there.

Next I printed off the lyrics to “our Song” to put in.

Last of all, I  took all of my favorite entries, from web site and printed them off… Ideas for romantic baths, $10 dates, $20 gifts, romantic flower ideas… something from almost every theme on the

I printed them off and added personal tips that applied to me. For example the idea of getting “her” a bouquet of the flowers she had on your wedding day, I wrote at the bottom, “Gladiolas & Gerber Daisies”.

I printed off a Kim Anderson picture for the cover and now he has a 100 page binder full of things that I would love from him. And he appreciates the fact that I don’t expect him to “just know” like sooo many woman seem to expect from their men. Sometimes making your man into a romantic just takes a little planning! I wrote the Book of Love!