Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Iris McDonald


valentines ideas room of balloonsOur Saturday started off with me waking up to a living room full of balloons attached to the ceiling along with paper rings hanging down (the ones you made in grade school, where they are glued together). He handed me a stick pin and told me I needed to pop each balloon to find a surprise inside. The first one he had me pop was full of confetti and of course went all over…. so needless to say I was a little worried to pop the other ones.

The second one was filled with candy Vday hearts. When you put them together, they made a sentence that said “Im hot for my sweetie”. The next balloon that was popped was filled with Red Hots and the next couple of ones had little pieces of paper that had reasons why he loved me.

It was then time for us to exchange our Vday gifts, which as I was told was supposed to be *creative*. He made for me a “story book” in which he wrote about our relationship… how we met… how we fell in love…. and of course included pictures on each page as well. It was the most beautiful thing ever.
I in return made a “fun book”. I filled it with crossword puzzles, circle words, dot-to-dots… all kinds of fun games that you did when you were a kid, except I hand made them all, and geared it all towards our relationship together. I then provided him with a brand new box of crayons so he could have fun with it.