Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Susan Proskin


DineDark09c.jpgMy husband is of Ukraine decent. His mother recently passed away. One of his comments was that he would never eat borsht (beet soup) again. I love Ukraine food, but didn’t know how to cook his loved dishes.

So I contacted his elderly Aunts to obtain the needed recipes. I spent the week cooking borsht, headcheese, cabbage rolls, baked perogies, boiled perogies, and shish kebabs. I had to do this during the day while he was at work. I had to have everything frozen, the house aired out, and cleaned up daily before he got home to keep it all a surprise.

On Valentines day when he came in I had the table all set with all his favorite dishes. I told him he had to close his eyes, and I led him to the dining room table. He opened his eyes, and began to cry. My husband is not an emotional man so I knew I had touched his heart. It was worth all the effort. To please him, pleased me.