Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Brittany Martin


red carnation valentines ideasWhen we were dating, we both went to the same college and were both majors in music.  He was a couple of years ahead of me. We were both pretty broke so I didn’t expect much for Valentine’s Day.

My parents had invited us to go to a dinner playhouse that night, so I figured that would be our romantic time together, especially because we both had class that day. And on top of that, I had a test in my first class. 

When he came to pick me up that morning, he presented me with a coffee mug filled with candy. It was nice, but to me it didn’t seem as if he had put any kind of thought into it. We went to my car and when I got in there was a ceramic candy dish with candy in it. I was pretty surprised at that. 

He cranked the car up, and one of my all-time favorite country love songs was playing, “Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go”  by Alabama. This seemed pretty strange to me because he doesn’t usually listen to country at all, and had even teased me at times about my love for Alabama. The song ended and another Alabama love song came on. I realized this was a CD. He had bought me Alabama’s CD with all of their love songs!  I cried about this! 

He then took me on to class at the music building. When I walked in the door, I noticed at my seat there was a single red carnation and a note. At first I didn’t believe it was for me, but I read the note and it was!  He simply told me he loved me and good luck on my test. Well, after class was over, I walked to my next class. Sure enough, on my desk was another note and a single red carnation. He did this in every class I had that day! 

After my morning classes were over, I walked to the Baptist Collegiate Ministry building to meet him for lunch. When I walked in, there was a vase on the front desk with a half dozen pink roses! And a balloon.  For me!!! Well, I almost cried again, but there were several people in there so I tried to restrain myself!  

After all that, I thought that was the end of my surprises. However, I was wrong. That night when he came to pick me up to meet my parents, he presented me with a teddy bear and around the bear’s neck was a beautiful cross necklace! I knew that day that I was with a very special guy. I don’t remember how I did on my test that day, but I will never forget the time and care he took to make my Valentine’s special.