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This year for Valentine’s Day I created a romantic dinner for two at home. I sent a message to my husband at work inviting him to join me for an intimate dinner.  I also included a tube of chapstick with a red ribbon around it and a note which indicated he would need it. 

After the meal and some chocolate covered strawberries I handed him a box that I had made kissing impressions all over the outside in red lipstick.  Inside, the box was filled with Hershey kisses and little pieces of paper.  I had found awebsite that listed 54 different types of kisses like… Top and Bottom: Sweetly and softly kiss the top lip followed by the bottom lip, then softly and slowly kiss both of them. 

There were also Eskimo Kisses, Hostage Kisses, Sensual Kisses and the New Love Kiss just to name a few.  We spent the rest of the evening taking turns drawing a card from the box and trying out all of the different kisses.  It was a wonderfully sweet and romantic evening.