Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Amy Miller


valentines day romantic ideasMy husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years, and on Valentine’s, he usually cooks me dinner and I create the ambiance for the house.

The first year we were married, I left work early, and snuck home to decorate our bedroom in the style of “The Elephant” love den in the movie Moulin Rouge. Everything was red or cream colored, including the bedding.

I used materials I already had, including red and cranberry-covered comforters to cushion the hardwood floor. I hung a large piece of raspberry crushed velvet on the wall to act as a headboard, and covered it with a fringed shawl, then draped that with a length of sparkly gold sequins.

I covered the windows with variations on that theme, and hung inexpensive glass drops from the lamp. A few black lace runners and black chiffon wraps covered windowsills and bureaus, giving the illusion of a lingerie-filled room.

The luxuriously soft surfaces were so inviting that we kept it decorated that way for a few weeks afterward.