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submitted by: Tiffany Bird

For Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, I had a big announcement to be worked into my gifts — we were expecting our 2nd child.

We didn’t have much money so I decided to have a “homemade holiday”.  All of the gifts I made for my husband were homemade.  I made him a book entitled “The Story of Us” in a scrapbook and told how we met in a fairytale type format, from our first introduction through the birth of our 1st child.  I did this to remind him of how he found out about that pregnancy, on a camping trip celebrating our anniversary.

Then, I went about recreating the camping trip in our living room.  I put black plastic tarp up around the room to block out the walls and furniture, pitched the tent, had nature sounds, glow in the dark stars against the dark tarp, and a “campfire” created with a tray of candles.

Then I took the very same box, balloon, and wrapping paper for the gift I gave him back then that announced my pregnancy and wrapped up a few other homemade surprises.

I had painted a t-shirt which said “I’m going to be a Daddy again” and had little pink and blue footprints painted on it.  I had a picture frame for two pictures that I personalized, put in a picture of our daughter on one side and a card on the other side that said “To be filled October 14”  I put a couple of homemade goodies, peanut brittle and chocolate covered cherries for him to enjoy as well.

He was thrilled with the gifts and the news and we had a nice relaxing campout, lying by the “campfire”, gazing at the stars and talking about our future.  It was wonderful.