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Tips & Ideas


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Seeing as I decided to purchase him the tool box he wanted for his upcoming birthday and Valentines Day I decided to do something romantic, caring and relaxing and not too expensive…

Since he had a workout class that he goes to every Tuesday and Thursday, I decided to work around that and …sooth his muscles after as well!

While he was gone I quickly decked out our bathroom with candles and got the bathtub ready with lots and lots of bubbles and bath salts.  I got the Relaxation CD playing, and set up a path of rose petals leading to the bathroom. Of course I turned ALL the lights off.  I also got the chocolate fruit fondue set up (which I had bought the day before) on a little table beside the tub.  I put a little note by our front entrance door and waited in the tub for him to come home.

Then we just relaxed in the “Spa” I had created and fed each other fruit, dipped in the chocolate fondue!!  He loved the whole thing and really thought it was relaxing, especially after his hard workout at class!!