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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: M. Persaud

Last Valentine’s day was the first time in a long time that my beloved didn’t ask me what I wanted. So, needless to say I was curious as to what he would do to celebrate.   I was truly disappointed when he told me he had to work until 11pm that night (not unusual for him) but was hoping we could spend at least some time together.  So, instead we agreed to celebrate on the weekend when we were both off.

So I left work, expecting to spend the evening alone.  When I got home, I found two heart balloons tied to the doorknob.  Inside, I found a candlelit dinner waiting for me on the table a note that told me to head into the bedroom after dinner.  Of course I could not wait!!  On the bed I found rose petals strewn about, with a box in the middle of it all.

I’ve always been a really sentimental person, the kind who saves movie stubs, concert tickets, birthday cards, etc.  I have a box in the bedroom in which I keep these things.  My darling happened to notice that I would always put these items in that particular box.

He had taken all the memorabilia related to our relationship and put it in a scrapbook for me. It was titled ” Scrapbook of Our Love”.  On the first empty page, he had written a note about filling the empty pages with our future memories.